Paws in the City is Noleen Fourie and Alyson Kingsley-Hall. We are both qualified Level 1 Canine Behaviour Advisors (FOTD) who work with dogs by incorporating Learning Theory. This means that we do not use any aversive methods or equipment and focus on positive reinforcement. For more on how we work, click here.


Noleen Fourie










To make a long story short: I was alwas THAT person. At any given social gathering, I was the one seeking out the company of the household pets.

The first 13 years of my career path was spent in journalism, ending on a highlight as the editor of Animaltalk magazine. Right from the start, as newspaper journalist in Vanderbijlpark, I gravitated towards the animal side of things, with my favourite kind of article to write being anything involving our four-legged friends. Doing this allowed me to meet all sorts of people involved in the animal industry, and with time I developed a great insight into exactly what is happening out there with regards to how our animals live, and sadly also the many problems they face.

Slowly the need to become more hands-on grew, until I made the decision to devote my life to dogs. Education is the one thing that changes the world and even among the most devoted dog owners beliefs about canine behaviour that are completely wrong still exist. I am here to teach, as I believe that education paves the path towards harmonious relationships between dog and humans.


Alyson Kingsley-Hall










I can best be described as a Caninetrovert – an individual who prefers to be surrounded by dogs all of the time and people not so much! I have four Miniature German Schnauzers of my own and my mom’s two senior Cocker Spaniels also live on my property.

I have been surrounded by dogs since the day I was born. Our home was never without them. My love of dogs has always been part of who I am. I am at my happiest when I’m surrounded by them. Why do I love dogs so much? I feel a strong connection to them, they sense our emotions; are always there for us; comfort us; teach us unconditional love; they never judge; they learn to trust again when humans have broken that trust, they are our best friends and constant companions.

With four grown-up children, I finally have time for myself and am now following my passion – working with dogs, learning all that I can about them, keeping up to date with the latest scientific research and sharing this knowledge with others.

I am a qualified Canine Behaviour Advisor (CBFC-FODS) and Clicker instructor and have studied under one of the best canine behaviourists in the country.

The Canine Behaviour Advisor course is a comprehensive course and covers everything from basic obedience, puppy training and socialisation, toilet training, adolescent dogs and problem behaviours like lead pulling, fear behaviour, over-excitement, jumping up, destructive behaviour, separation anxiety, physical and mental stimulation, introducing dogs etc. All training is based on force-free, positive reinforcement methods.

Even though I’m a confirmed Caninetrovert, I also have a Diploma in ‘human’ counselling and therapy, and a qualification in ‘human’ lactation consulting so I’m also able to converse with babies and people!

I believe that if owners are provided with the correct knowledge in understanding and communicating with their dogs and are correctly modifying behaviour, both owners and dogs will enjoy better relationships and hopefully fewer dogs will end up at shelters.

When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul. – A.D. Williams

Services provided:

Puppy group socialisation classes

Individual Puppy Starter Sessions in your own home

Private Behavioural Consultations

Clicker Training