As far as family members are concerned, puppies definitely are the best! And even though they are certainly part of the family, they are still a different species. Therefore it is so important to educate ourselves, so that we know how to raise a dog that is able to cope and adjust to a human world. All of this starts at puppy school.

Why puppy school?

Between the ages of three and 16 weeks something amazing happens to a puppy’s brain. It allows the puppy to experience new sights, sounds and smells confidently. What happens to the puppy during this period can influence the way your dog approaches life, for the rest of his life. This time should not go to waste! At puppy school you will learn exactly what this means, and how to make the best of this period in your pup’s life.

Furthermore, you will be taught a variety of training exercises (sit, down, safely removing an object from a pup’s mouth, loose lead walking and more) as well as prevention of behaviour problems such as separation anxiety, noise habituation, confidence building and socialisation.

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Why choose us?

  • We understand that learning cannot take place in a stressed mind. Therefore, our classes are aimed at making learning FUN.
  • We only make use of force-free training methods (positive reinforcement). As we love dogs so much, we reject any training methods that cause pain or discomfort.
  • We want you to raise a well-balanced dog. Not only are you welcome to ask us questions, but we are happy to explain everything until you fully understand it.
  • Classes are presented by a qualified behaviourist, and assisted by a student in canine behaviour.
  • Our classes are small enough to ensure individual help.
  • During the period that our classes are run, you will also receive help with specific behaviour concerns you might have with regards to your puppy.

General information 

  • Our classes run for six weeks and take place on Saturday afternoons.
  • We are based in Northcliff.
  • Course fees for the six weeks are R800 per dog.
  • Do ensure that your pup’s parasite control (ticks, fleas, worms) is up to date before coming to class.
  • The first class is aimed at owners – your pup will only join us from the second session.
  • Puppies to attend class on lead. Choke chains, prong collars or electric devices are not allowed under any circumstances. If you feel like you need these to train your pup, please enrol! We will teach you a kinder way.
  • Pups can join our class from two weeks after they have received their second vaccination.

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Puppy school lays the foundation for a lifelong relationship with your new best friend.